Thursday, April 9, 2015

12 Dear Jane Blocks for April - Check!

I decided to go ahead and make my 12 Dear Jane blocks for April since I had all of my Dear Jane stuff spread out all over my sewing room at the end of March.  It feels great to check that off my list early in the month!

BR1  Rosemary's Rainbow, 11 pieces
Paper pieced - freezer paper method (FPM)

BR2 Leigh's Woods, 31 pieces
Paper pieced- FPM

I-9 Chase A Myth, 39 pieces
Paper pieced, FPM

I-10 Iris' Medallion, 19 pieces
Machine pieced and hand appliquéd (back basting method - BBM)

I-11 Coyote Chase, 5 pieces
Hand appliqued, BBM

J-1 Josepha's Jonquil, 5 pieces
Hand applique, BBM

J-3 Rick's Volleyball Net, 14 pieces
Center was hand appliqued, BBM and corners were paper pieced, FPM

Love this one!!

I-12 Fred's Square Fair, 41 pieces
Paper pieced, FPM and machine pieced

Love this one!!

I-13 Sweet Harmony, 40 pieces
Paper pieced, FPM

J-2 Picture Perfect, 15 pieces
Machine pieced

BR 3rd from left, Attic Window, 20 pieces
Paper pieced, FPM

BR 4th from left, Candy Dish, 26 pieces
Paper pieced, FPM

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