Thursday, April 23, 2015

Busy Daughter

My daughter has been busy crafting and quilting!  Hurray for her!  Here are a few of the things she's working on:

She is taking a stained glass class, which is a gift from her husband for her birthday.  She is quite enjoying it and it looks like her project is turning out beautifully.  It almost looks like a quilt pattern!  It would be a beautiful center of a medallion quilt.

She made a flannel rag baby quilt.  She really liked the fact that when it was all sewn together she was "done" and didn't have to then quilt it!

She is working on a baby mobile for her baby.  She drew all of the animal patterns herself!  I'm so impressed!  She went through my wool stash and picked out some pretty wools and has been stitching away.  I can hardly wait to see it all finished - it's going to be so cute :)

Megan LOVED monkey stuffed animals when she was growing up, so a couple of years ago I bought this monkey quilt kit to save for her baby.  This is the kit where you're supposed to cut the stuffed animal in half and sew the little blanket in between, but I've never been able to make myself cut the stuffed animal in half....  My friend Lori did and I've posted pictures of several she's made and they are really cute, I just haven't been able to make myself do it.
Anyway, Megan took the kit home and made it!  Like me, she couldn't cut the poor little monkey in half either, so in the photo here and the one below you can see that she just attached the blanket to the monkey's back and left him intact. Great idea!  I approve :)

I love this orange.  The colors orange and lime green are just so appealing to me :)  Very happy colors.

Megan's sister-in-law is expecting twin boys this next month.  She crocheted booties and hats for them!

I better get busy so I can try to get half as much done!  I love seeing all she's working on.  I gave my other daughter a sewing machine lesson when she was here a month ago and she has some ideas of cute things to make too.  She's busy moving right now though :)

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