Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Birthday Michelle!!!!

 Well the clock just struck midnight!  I was trying to post a Happy Birthday to my daughter Michelle on April 4th!  This will show up on April 5th but you can see we had a fun day!

We've had a fun couple of days actually, a little shopping, a little cooking, some games and movies.

Here she is showing off her multiple patterns - stripes in all directions, flowers in all shapes and sizes and of course no outfit would be complete without cowboy boots :)  I will turn this girl into a fabric lover yet.  We already had a little sewing machine lesson this weekend.

We had to top the evening with delicious homemade German Chocolate Cowboy Cupcakes!

Here she is, my happy smiley first born, way back when I was but a youngster myself.   So thankful to be a Mom and to have such a wonderful daughter :)