Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hi Fashion Event!

Hi Fashion Sewing Machines had a fun event last Thursday!  One of their fabric reps, Kay, from Wilmington Prints (and Batiks) came to show some fabric, patterns and over 50 quilts.  Everyone who attended received a fat quarter and two free patterns!  It was very fun and very interesting - I enjoyed it a lot.  The next couple of days I will post some pictures from the event.  All of the quilts are made with Wilmington fabric, using their patterns (which you can download on their website: http://www.wilmingtonprints.com )

Many of the quilts were made using their 2 1/2 inch strip packs and they had kits for most of them put together for purchase.  I really like the gray quilt above with the colorful squares.  Almost every quilt was also shown in a different color way.  This photo shows the same gray pattern made with a black background - also pretty - but I like the gray better :)

Here is a pattern shown in three different color ways!  The top picture and the bottom picture almost look like transparency quilts - a neat effect.

Wilmington has oodles and oodles of gorgeous batiks and also several lines of "basic" prints that just blend in well with anything.  I did not write down the name of every pattern, because there were SO many!  But if you see any you like, you can find them on their website and find the fabrics at Hi Fashion :)

Pretty fun day!  Stay tuned tomorrow for some more awesome quilt pictures!

I've been quilting - a baby quilt and two more bigger minis!  I'll share photos of those soon too :)

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  1. Thanks for the pictures of the beautiful quilts! As one of the holders, I didn't get to really see them. It's nice to just spend time looking at them :)