Sunday, April 12, 2015

More Mini Landscapes

More landscape quilts were shared at our April Little Bits meeting.  This first picture however, Lori sent to me of a little landscape quilt she is working on - Pike's Peak!  I can hardly wait to see this one all finished!

Annie had a daughter and grandchildren visiting for Spring Break so she had them all making little landscapes.  She had some mat board to show us how they would look when they're all finished.  Of these next five pictures, two were made by Annie, one by her daughter, one by her granddaughter and one by her grandson.  A fun family activity!

This one was shared by June.  I love the frame and mat.

This is Max's.  I love the unique borders and the way she finished it.  I can't remember if the one below with the tiny church in it is Max's or June's....

Another pretty one, with a nice border.

This is Max's.  I have the supplies needed to make this one - I need to get working on it!

Max's oceans cape with elements spilling out into the borders.

This colorful one of Mt. Garfield was made by June's friend Bonnie.  I like the unique fabrics!

Tomorrow I will share some pictures from a fun event at Hi Fashion I attended on Thursday!