Monday, April 27, 2015

POTC Fabric

I found some great fabric online at Keepsake Quilters which was designed for Patchwork of the Crosses.  It includes a lot of stripes and border-looking prints that should make great designs in that block!  I can hardly wait to try it out!
Speaking of Patchwork of the Crosses, Sheila emailed me the other day about a movie "From Time to Time" with Maggie Smith in it.  She said in the opening scene Maggie Smith's character is working on a POTC quilt.  First of all, good eye Sheila for catching that!  I had watch the movie of course and I found out that it was based on a
book by none other than Lucy M. Boston who made the original POTC quilt!  Apparently she was an author as well as a quilter and wrote many books.  The book this movie is based on is called "The Chimneys of Green Knowe".  So I found it very fitting that the POTC quilt top showed up a couple of times in that movie :)

I also ordered some zoo animal fabric from Superior Threads.  My grandchild is going to have a zoo animal themed nursery so I have to be prepared :)

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