Sunday, April 19, 2015

Quick Trip

We made a quick trip to Denver this week and I finally got to visit a quilt store that I had heard about and have been wanting to go to - Holly's Quilt Cabin.  It's a GREAT store!  Quite large, they appear to carry just about everything, the classroom looked huge, the staff was very friendly, and they had a very nice bathroom - of course.  I am really trying to use up what I have already purchased so the only thing I really "needed" was some more shirting fabric to used as backgrounds in my Dear Jane quilt.  I am running low on the pieces that are not too busy looking.  So... I found some!

I also had to get in on the hoopla and visit an Apple Store to try on an Apple Watch!  I like it!  Hmmm..... I do have a birthday coming up in the summer .....

Speaking of devices, the other day a "younger than me" woman asked me if I have a cell phone and know how to text.  Do I look like such a dinosaur that I wouldn't know how to use a cell phone?  My parents have and use cell phones! Oh well.... I have to say my favorite "device" though is my iPad - I REALLY like my iPad :)

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