Thursday, April 30, 2015

Re-Creating a Quilt

A friend of mine asked me to re-make a treasured quilt that has been on her bed since the 1980's.  It is starting to fall apart and rather than try to repair it (which I would not attempt myself) she asked me to try to recreate it!

I decided to take on the challenge!  Here is a picture of her quilt.  It is a two block quilt and one of the blocks is an easy Courthouse Steps block.

This is the other block.  They are both 12 inches finished, so it wasn't too hard figuring out the dimensions and drafting out the pattern.  It wasn't even hard sewing the blocks together.  This block has some hand appliqué however and that is what I am beginning to work on now.

This block shows the fabric she picked for the new quilt.  There are 24 of these blocks so I have 192 petals to appliqué and 24 centers.  My plan was to use the starch method and prepare the petals to be appliquéd on by hand.  After playing around with this method for a couple of hours yesterday, I decided it is just not for me!  I'm going back to my trusty back-basting method and hoping that works just fine.  I'm in the process now of drawing the petals and centers on the back of each block.  This will be a nice portable project for summer!

The original quilt shows the center as matching the rest of the block (as in the photo above) - there are only three fabrics in the whole quilt.  However she sent me a couple of yards of this other blue fabric that she likes as well so I tried it out in the center.

Which do you like best??  Please comment :)

The Courthouse Steps blocks were easy and are all done!

Back to tracing on the back of these blocks!

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