Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Lego Americana

We ran across this Lego Americana exhibit at the Park Meadows mall in Denver!  I LOVE Legos - I think they're the greatest most creative toy ever made for kids.  I wish I'd thought of the idea!  My kids grew up on Legos and of all the toys that have come and gone through the years, we still have ALL of the Legos.  Savin' em for the grandkids :)

Mount Rushmore in Legos - how cool is that?

 A shopping mall!

When my youngest son was about 7 or 8, he and I got to go to Legoland in San Diego.  It was AWESOME!  I've never seen anything like it.  He was into the Lego Mindstorm robot building at the time, so spent a lot of time in there.  We did ride a roller coaster that we had to pedal.  I thought it was cool but he said it was "pathetic". I guess he was a little too old for that ride :)
 Look at the details of this Justice Building!!!!

We even had a Lego Fairy at our house.  If the kids left a pile of Legos outside their bedroom door at night, the Lego Fairy would come and build something really cool for them to find the next morning.  Sometimes the poor old Lego Fairy was exhausted after a long day at work and would climb the stairs to find a pile of Legos sitting outside a bedroom door.  He would patiently make something really awesome before going to bed.  (Notice I said "he" not "she"!)

The Lincoln Memorial!  Look, you can see Lincoln in there!

When Old Lego Fairy retired, older son became Lego Fairy for younger son.  I wonder if they will carry on the tradition with their kids??  I hope so :)

My husband looks very "presidential" standing in front of the Lego Capitol Building.  I wanted to show about how big these displays are.  We normally don't dress up to go to the mall but he had a meeting to attend :)

The Liberty Bell - crack and all....

My girls played Legos too.  They could create whole worlds with their Legos.  I love Duplos too - might as well get them started early!

The Washington Memorial!  The next two pictures are of the White House, and finally the Statue of Liberty.  It almost felt like we'd taken a trip to Washington D.C.!

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