Saturday, April 18, 2015

Working on Tula!

Well, I am FINALLY working on putting my Tula Pink Modern Quilt Blocks into a quilt, or actually TWO quilts!  I decided, with the 100 six-inch blocks, that I did not want to make one BIG quilt so I am making two throw size quilts with 48 blocks in each.  That means I have four blocks left over, so I got to "reject" four that I didn't like as much.  Actually that's not entirely true, they may have been rejected because I just had too many of that particular color, but within that color range they were my least favorite.

Here are the blocks for one quilt arranged on my design wall and for the other quilt arranged on the floor.  The blocks off to the side are the "rejects" that I am still trying to decide which one to keep in the quilt and which not to.  Taking pictures and looking at them from a different perspective really helps a lot.

I have started sewing the sashing on this quilt so the top half gives you an idea of what it will look like.  I really, really liked Kathy Lisco's quilt that she showed at the final class (yes, she had hers done in time :) so I am following her design idea, only hers is 8x8 blocks and mine will be 6x8.  My plan is to put a pretty color minkie on the back and use them for "snuggle up to watch TV" quilts.  I will give one away, so if any family members out there are loving this, let me know!

Have a Happy Saturday!!

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