Sunday, May 31, 2015

Moving Weekend

We helped our daughter move this weekend, and helped our son move this weekend.  Two moves in one weekend was a bit exhausting but also satisfying.  They both still have a lot of work to do unpacking and organizing stuff into their new places though!

My daughter found this lovely lamp at Ikea.  I was happy when she told me she was only kidding about wanting to buy it!
I've mentioned that my husband and I both like The Container Store.  Well, this was his first trip to Ikea.  I don't know if you've ever been to Ikea before but there is only one way in and one way out, like a maze that takes you through the entire store.  It's a bit overwhelming to see all of the stuff they have in there!  And, you have to see it all in order to get out of the store!

My husband said, before we entered the maze, "Now, we don't NEED anything, RIGHT?"  Meaning, daughter is doing the shopping, not us....  However HE was the one that kept stopping and looking at everything.  He also was the one that got to assemble the bookcase and the dresser that she purchased :)

His birthday is coming up soon so we had a little celebration with our kids who were around, at my son's "new place" :)

I still have a few more quilt pictures from the Denver show but I am getting to the bottom of the barrel!

This one is called Stained Sea by Angie Blair

Have Bike Will Travel by Kathy Edwards

The Joy of Dancing on a Rainbow by Judy Ross

Parents Twisted Thirtieth by Angie Blair and Aubrey Kissler

Anvil Blocks Sampler by Angie Blair

Diagonal Flags by Torie Anderson and Aubrey Kissler

Happy Dance by Susan Cane

Cosmic Posies by BJ Titus

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Quilts From Denver

Windowscape by Sally Wright

One Man's Castle Is... By Corinne Phillips

Square Dance by Marge Holtz

Kaylie's Loving Baby Flowers by Angie Anderson Blair

Evie's Butterfly Bliss by Angie Blair

Evie's Dragon Fly Dreams by Angie Blair 

Evie's Lady Trip by Angie Blair

Mariners Compass Stars by Angie Blair

Friday, May 29, 2015

Kitchen Aid Cover

I made another Kitchen Aid Cover for daughter number two! I will have to see if daughter-in-law wants one next!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Dear Jane Blocks

I made six Dear Jane blocks so far this month, with three more close to being finished.  I may not get all 12 (my goal) done in the next couple of days so my plan is to catch up and also make 12 for June in the early part of June before I start making baby quilts :)

I really do love these little blocks and am getting more and more excited to start putting the quilt together!

This block was machine pieced and hand appliquéd.

The block below was all machine pieced.

This block was all machine pieced.

Anna's Anchor was machine pieced and hand appliquéd.

Maury's High School was machine pieced and hand appliquéd.

Chieko's Calla Lily was machine pieced and hand appliquéd.

Happy Quilting!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Rest of the Gray Exhibit

Sky Boxes by Sarah Michael, quilted by Helia Ricci

Twizzle by Dottie Levine

Big Brother by Marcia Degner

Uptown/Downtown by Judy Shelton

Helix Quilt by Marlys Cordes, quilted by Jo Wiley

Folded Log Cabin by Raine Cavallo

Daylight in the Garden by Ellen Birnbaum, quilted by Eileen Barchi

Life on Mars by Hona Farnes

Tree of Life: Diatoms by Marianne Haycook, quilted by Barbara Hahl

Round & Round We Go by Pamela Kepchar

Exotic Attraction by Jane Gavlick

Winter Moons by Joanne Lieber Hamburger, quilted by Barbara Hahl

Make New Friends, But Keep the Old, One is Silver and the Other Gold by Carol Pelligrinelli, quilted by Victoria Magnacca

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

50 Shades of Gray

That was the name of another exhibit at the Denver Quilt show by the Gold Coast Quilters Guild from Boca Raton, Florida.

50 Shades: Edna's Last Chapter
by Edna Deppen and Cindy Deppen
 Organized Chaos by Susie Wuest, quilted by Barbara Hahl

Boxed In - Fabric Manipulation
by Ellen Anderman

Orange You Going to Ask Me Y? by Marge Lehrer

On Top of Old Smokey All Covered With Cheese
by Tammie Clarke, quilted by Beth Anderson

Words by Sarah Michael, quilted by Helia Ricci

I really like this one :)

Which Way is Up! by Karen Berman, quilted by Dottie Levine

50th Reunion by Dorothy McDonnell

Gray in the Shade by Doris Sagor, quilted by Barbara Hahl

A Delicate Balance by Nita Goldman

Rectangles Go Modern by Jan Finkelstein, quilted by Barbara Hahl

Granddaughter's Flower Garden by Louise Moor

Love this quilt - and the quilting!

Faded Glory by Sandie Pike

Labyrinth Walk by Sue Glasnapp

I really like the 3D effect of this one.

Iris Sous Le Crepuscule (Irises in the Twilight)
by Diane Paquin Provost

I have been working on Dear Jane blocks!  I will post some pictures soon :)