Thursday, May 14, 2015

Dear Jane Goes to the Quilt Show!

I am drawn to Dear Jane quilts at quilt shows because they are so awesome and because I am trying to finish mine!  I saw two at the Denver Quilt Show (first two pictured here) and two at HMQS.  It's amazing how different they all are.

This one is called Friendship in Every Stitch and was made by Mae Elliott.  It was hand appliquéd and hand pieced, then long arm quilted by Valerie Campbell.

I took some close ups of the quilting because that will be my next step, after I get it all pieced together, and I wanted some ideas.

This star block is one I've completed, but I'm thinking of making it over because I don't like the fabrics I chose for it.  But look at that tiny star in the middle!  I will dread that if I decide to re-do it.  I think I will wait until the quilt is on the design wall and see if it still bothers me....

This quilt was pretty heavily quilted on the long arm.  It looks great but I'm thinking of not quilting mine quite so heavily.

This one is called Dear Jane Goes Batty with Batiks and was made by Patricia Lamfers.  It was machine pieced and machine and long arm quilted.  You can see it has different sized blocks amongst the five inch blocks and a different border.

Dear Jane by Jean Ludeman

She used background fabric around the border triangles which is different but effective.  I am planning on using cornerstones, as she did, in the sashing.

Very nice quilting in this one too.

Ladies in Red by Crystal North and quilted by Wren Woodland

Crystal digitized the DJ patterns and stitched them out on her embroidery machine.  It turned out very pretty but I'm guessing it's a stiff quilt.  I don't machine embroider so I don't know, but that looks like a LOT of thread!

I haven't made my 12 DJ blocks for May yet.  I better get busy!!

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  1. So awesome to see the Dear Jane quilts. Thanks for sharing the photos. Such great inspiration to get me started on my Dear Jane.