Monday, May 11, 2015

Home Machine Quilt Show - HMQS

While in Utah this past weekend visiting family, I just happened to have the chance to go to the Home Machine Quilt Show in Salt Lake City.  Sadly I only had two hours to spend there and this event was HUGE.

I caught a glimpse of David Taylor here teaching a class on the Handi-Quilter Sweet 16 - his machine of choice.

There were over 700 quilts, 139 classes and who knows how many vendors (at least four times as many as the Denver show).  I literally ran through the vendor mall so I could spend most of my time looking at quilts.  Superior Threads was there though and I was needing to order some supplies online, so I did make a quick stop there!

One could definitely tell the emphasis of this show was machine quilting. There were some AMAZING quilts on display and the machine quilting was really something.  I am seeing more and more quilts designed to allow the machine quilting to make secondary designs and the quilting is spectacular.

I met Angela Walters there, my machine quilting hero, and yes I gushed about how much I enjoy her blog, her quilting tutorials and her Craftsy classes.  She said I made her day :)  I was too embarrassed to ask to have my picture taken with her, but I kind of wanted to!

This quilt is called Bodacious by Claudia Clark Myers and quilted by Marilyn Badger.  It won a Teacher's Choice ribbon.

 I saw several of these "Hosta" quilts. This one is called Fire Island Hosta Queen by Josephine D. Keasler and quilted by Cindy Gerber-Chavez.  This quilt also won a Teacher's Choice award.

Question:  When a quilt is made by one person and quilted by another - who gets the prize??  I mean it is a machine quilting show after all - I wonder if the machine quilter entered the quilt?  Just wondering....

Island Magic by Cindy Olsen won a Teacher's Choice award.

Blue Hawaii by Jenny Beasley also won a Teacher's Choice award.

Fun quilt show and I definitely have more photos to share!  (I still have more from Denver too!)

I am going to have to go again next year and plan to spend more than two hours there - maybe take a class or two!

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