Thursday, May 21, 2015

More Amazing Quilts

More amazing quilts from the Denver show!

The '39 by Jo Baner

 Pyrite Ammonites by Kimberly Lacy

First Place Innovative ribbon

Dolce LaVita by Elsie Campbell, long arm quilted by Kelly Cline
Honorable Mention ribbon

Objects at Rest by Colleen Wise
2nd Place Innovative

I really like this one :)

Glacier Star by Barbara Odor
Long arm quilted by Jewel Nickel
3rd Place Traditional

Love the quilting on this one....

Rose in Wonderland by Sharon Schlotzhauer

The machine quilting and embellishments on this one are amazing.
2nd Place Wall Quilts

 Ruffled Roses of Basel by Jean Konopacz

Honorable Mention Traditional

I do like Shirley Gisi's quilts!

Floating by Shirley Gisi
3rd Place Wall Quilts

I think I've seen this one before, maybe in a magazine, but Lea was also recently on The Quilt Show and they showed it there.  She was at the Denver show too, standing in front of her quilt and talking about it.  You can learn about her techniques on a recent episode of The Quilt Show.

Panning for Gold by Lea McComas
Best Wall Quilt

How Sweet It Is...Buzzing with Bees
by Rhonda Denney
Best Colorado Wall Quilt

Oriental Poppies and Pink Daisies
by Bea Mansanarez

2nd Place Traditional

Once again - amazing quilting!  This quilt was quilted by Peg Collins.

Evening Mystasha Lillies
Mary Sue Suit and Diana Larson
3rd Place Innovative

You know what Mystasha means right?  Everything came out of their stash!


  1. Excuse me, where do you buy your fabric?

    1. I buy quilting fabrics from local quilt shops, at quilt shows and sometimes online!

  2. Quilting is the expression of your soul, inner self and the beauty you see in the world.It is for gifted people.

  3. Amazing!!! Wish you sold patterns! ☺

  4. Hi. Just wanted to say that I quilted Bea's Poppies quilt. She does beautiful hand-applique. i'd like to get credit for the quilting. thanks, Peg Collins