Tuesday, May 12, 2015

More Quilts from Denver and an Inspiring Video

 Here are several more pictures from the Denver Quilt Show.

RedRound by Marge Holtz

Buffalo Warrior by Terri Hunt, quilted by Pat Blair

Bohemia by Angela Heath, quilted by Cathy Kirk
"An original, contemporary, digital abstract surface design, digitally printed on heavy cotton and long arm quilted."

Blue and Gold Macaw by Barbara McKie

Along the Canal by Sandra Mollon

Bringin' Him Home by Connie Gunter

Indian Summer Sunset by Shirley Gisi

(I love her quilts :)

Jesse at the Lake by Ruth Powers

Our National Parks by Cheri Rabourn Reborn

Now & Then (Who Does Your Hair?)
by Vinda Robison

Fox in the Moonlight by Pamela George

Bubbles Away by Susan Garrity

(I like the transparency look of this one :)
Click on this link to watch an inspirational video about a woman in Africa and her mobile sewing service.  She carries her machine on her head from home to home to sew dresses for people!  I feel so spoiled with two nice machines and a whole room for all of my sewing supplies....


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