Friday, May 15, 2015

Sleep, Pray, Scream

Check out the video above and the pictures of this quilt "Sleep, Pray, Scream" by Flora Joy of Johnson City, TN.  This quilt is similar to the one I posted several months ago that featured Mother Teresa, Oprah and Jackie Kennedy.  I'm not sure if it was made by the same woman or not but they look very similar so I am guessing so.

This quilt was displayed at the HMQS in Salt Lake last weekend.  There was a huge crowd around it trying to take pictures and videos of it.  It is really quite amazing.

Her artist's statement reads:
"This quilt MAGICALLY has three different images: Starry Night, Creation of Adam and The Scream, surrounded by an original frame that features the new Sand Stitch.  There are three unique WORKSHOPS on the QUILT BACK explaining how to do these techniques."

The theme of the quilt show was "It's Magic!" and this quilt won third place.  I would say it IS very magical!

Remember how I said I was pretty much running through this quilt show trying to see it all in two hours?  Well when I take pictures of the quilt, I also take a picture of the sign so when I post them on my blog I can give credit to the maker. I didn't have time to read the signs until I was looking through the pictures later, so I didn't read that the workshops explaining the techniques used in this quilt were actually on the back of the quilt until after I had left the show!  I really wished I had noticed that and read the back of the quilt.  When they have the curtains open so you can see the back of the quilt that usually means there is something worth seeing.  Mental note to self, next time the curtain is open showing the back of a quilt, take a look!

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  1. I still can't believe this! This is so cool.