Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Two Tula Quilts Done!

I recently finished both of my Tula Pink Modern Quilts.  I joined the Saturday in the City "club" about a year ago to make 100 modern quilt blocks out of Tula Pink's book of the same name.  This club was offered by Hi Fashion and it was a lot of fun.  We were challenged to make 10 blocks a month and we would go each month to share them and learn tips and tricks from Kari.
I decided to turn my 100 blocks into two quilts, using 48 blocks in each quilt - they're throw size, so perfect for snuggling up with a good book or to watch TV.

I used an all-over quilt design in each quilt.  On both I used a soft minkie backing.  On this quilt with the pretty blue back I used Superior Magnifico thread in a pale pink and did sort of a flowery design.

Funny story about the thread - I was working on this quilt rather late one night and I ran out of the the pale pink Magnifico thread with only a little bit in the corners of the quilt left to do!  I'm pretty sure none of the stores around here carry it, I've always ordered it online, so I thought I would have to wait to finish the quilt until I could get some more shipped to me from Superior Threads.  Then I wondered if perhaps my friend Michelle would have some, as I know she orders from Superior too.  I texted her about 10:30, asking for that particular color and if she had it, could I have it?  And replace hers when my order came?  At 6:30 the next morning a text came back that YES! she did have it and I could have her spool and replace it later.  So by mid-morning I was back on my way to finishing this quilt!  What a GREAT friend.  We quilters look out for each other don't we? :)

This is the one I actually quilted first, with a soft gray minkie back.  I quilted this one with 50 weight DMC thread in a light neutral color.  It turned out fine, but I wasn't super happy with my thread choice, which is why I switched to the Magnifico thread for the blue quilt.  Quilting with the Magnifico was lovely and it just blended in so nicely with all of the colors in the quilt.  The DMC stands out a little more, but it didn't bother me enough to unpick any quilting!!  This one just has a loopy loop design.  There are so many fun fabrics in these quilts, it's almost like an "I Spy" quilt!

I am glad they're done and I actually snuggled up under this one to read a book on Sunday!

Happy Quilting!!

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