Tuesday, May 19, 2015

What Is Your Personal App??

"Your Personal App Challenge" was a fun exhibit at the HMQS in Salt Lake.  It was curated by Matt Reese and Stevii Graves.
"An app is defined as an application, typically a small, specialized program downloaded onto mobile devices. Artists invited to participate in this exhibit have created small quilts that represent them as an individual.  The quilts show an aspect of their life or their identity. Each maker was asked to describe their personal app."

The Mom App by Stevii Graves
"With one child headed off to college, one in high school and one in Junior High, Will and Kathryn Graves know they will have a problem keeping track of them.  They dreamed up this phone app that will buzz and buzz until the offending child calls their Mom to check in."

App'd to Paint by Patt Blair
"If one hangs around me long enough, one is "app" to give painting a try!"

Dye, Fuse, Cut, Stitch by Laura Wasolowski

What else would we expect from the Dean of the College of Fusing??

Karen's Color Bubble by Karen Winther
She said she lives in a small town in Montana where they describe themselves as living in a bubble.  Her favorite fabrics are "the more colorful the better!"  Her favorite color is green!

While the quilt above bears my name, this one appealed to my stomach :)

Chocolate 24/7 by Carol Churchill
She said the only app she NEEDS is Chocolate 24/7!

App 9 from Outer Space by Betty Jo Tatum

The artist statement said she loves books, music, birds flowers and the beauty of deep space. "All of these things represented on this app quilt combine to help me develop my artistic side, which is represented by the butterfly."

There were so many more app quilts that I didn't get pictures of!  It was a really fun exhibit.  It made me ponder on what my personal app would be?  Right now if I had an app that told me exactly what to eat or fix for every meal, so I didn't have to think about it - that would be great!  If the app fixed the meals for me - well, that would be even better :)

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  1. How fun! I just found your blog that highlights my little app quilt. Thanks! I would have loved to have seen the exhibit. Cheers, Betty Jo