Wednesday, June 17, 2015

All Tidied Up!

It took me two days but I finally finished tidying up my sewing room last night around 9:30 PM.  I literally went through everything.  In the past I've done a drawer here or a cupboard there but this book inspired me to plunge in and go through it all and I am really glad I did.

I should have taken before, during, AND after pictures but that might have been TOO embarrassing, so you're just getting to see the after pictures - all neat and tidy!
Here are some things I learned about myself during this process:
1)  I am a sucker for gadgets. If a vendor or a teacher hawks a certain ruler or gadget, I just have to try it.  Some have been real winners and I am glad I've purchased them, some I found unopened in my drawers.  I found three different tools for creating scalloped edges.
So - I am not going to impulse-buy gadgets anymore.  I am going to pause and think about whether I really need it, and make sure I don't already have it!

2) My tastes and style of quilting has changed over the years. I went through an entire file box of patterns, tips and techniques that I've cut out of magazines over the years with the intent on making them someday.  I got rid of probably 3/4 of them because they no longer appealed to me.  I am sure it has a lot to do with the fact that trends in the quilting industry change, so our tastes change with the trends.
 3) I tend to make a pattern only once, especially if it's a complicated one, so why not pass it along to someone else?  If I know I'm only going to make it once, there is no sense in having it take up room in my sewing room.

4) I had stuff spewing out of these cupboards, stacked on the floor and in every nook and cranny.  I like having it in the cupboards, off the floor, and everything grouped together with like things so I know where to find things.  I feel more ambitious and creative with things more tidy :)

5) I do not need to buy more fabric.  I need to use the fabric, books and patterns that I have and just have fun making some really awesome quilts.  See the bottom shelf of this cupboard on the right?  The whole left side, all the way to the pink container - is all unfinished projects.  Time to get busy!

Here is all of the stuff I am getting rid of.  My Dad is having a yard sale, so I'm going to contribute!  This is what is worthy of selling, there was also a large trash bag full of trash, and I filled up the recycle bin with old magazine articles and class notes etc.

Ahhh..... Feels good :)

I did finish my bird table mat this week too so I can check one more UFO off that list!


  1. Woo hoo - good job on finishing that bird mat :)

  2. I know, right?? You inspired me to finish - even though I don't like birds. I'll have to think of someone to give it to as a gift :)

  3. Karen, if you haven't already thrown them away and any of those old magazine articles are quilt patterns, put them in the yard sale too! I've purchased a few patterns on eBay just that way when I couldn't get the original magazine issue. You can sell them for $1 or less and if they don't sell then you can trash them.