Saturday, June 6, 2015


Here are pictures of some more amazing quilts from the HMQS in Salt Lake.  The machine quilting on these quilts is just incredible.

Feathered Star by Lisa Curnutt won First Place in Novelty Custom.

Moroccan Moonfire by Tami Graeber won third place in Novelty Custom.  It was quilted by Judi Doud.

Convergence by Cory Allender won a first place ribbon.

Bodacious by Claudia Clark Myers won a Teacher's Choice award.  It was quilted by Marilyn Badger.

Free Fallin' by Kathie Beltz won Second Place in Novelty Custom.  It was quilted by Mara Novak.

Cut Outs by Josephine D. Keasler, quilted by Kim Petersen.

Ronald's Flight by Helen Ernst

Do you see the helicopter quilted in there??

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