Monday, June 15, 2015

Joan Musick's Miniatures

Joan Musick shared several of her miniatures quilts at the CO West Quilt Guild meeting the other night.  She does Celtic Appliqué, both miniature and large scale.  This quilt was made by hand, but I'm pretty sure she did the tiny machine quilting by machine.  This quilt is only about 18 inches by 20 inches or so.

You can see how tiny these quilts are because Judy is holding one in each hand.

Another little hand appliquéd celtic appliqué quilt.  In the photos below you can see how tiny and amazing these blocks are.  Joan has had a couple of quilts juried into the Houston Quilt Festival.
I'm glad someone's hand ended up in this pictures so you can see the scale.

An amazing tiny Loan Star quilt.  Looks to be about 14 inches or so.

Here is a quote from Thomas Knauer from his book "Modern Quilt Perspectives" that I like:

"I think of a quilt as bringing an idea to live, making that idea part of a home.  The concepts embedded in the making of a quilt become part of someone's life, something they literally wrap themselves in.  As such, quilts are somewhat unique objects, ones that are fundamentally interactive.  Quilts provide warmth, comfort and protection; they can act as barriers or invitations; they can speak whispers or commands.  Quilts have so many voices, elicit so many responses; they invite endless exploration and enforce no definitive rules.

To me, quilts are, first of all, cultural expressions - small statements about a time, a place, an idea.  They speak about oneself and one's place in the world."

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