Friday, June 5, 2015

Little Bit of Show and Tell

I missed last month's meeting of the Little Bits Miniature Quilt Group. They had a workshop, taught by Sherida, on how to make these leaf bowls.  They used a product called Innspire Plus Double-sided Fusible which is heat moldable enabling you to make bowls and such.  Annie and June went to town making these beautiful leaf bowls.  Annie enjoyed it so much she ordered more Innspire Plus!

It was really fun to see the results and the fun and interesting fabrics and threads they used.

I love this one - but I am rather partial to orange....

They both used some shiny sliver thread to give them some sparkle.

A few more show and tell items were shared.  This one by Eleanor.  This is a crayon drawing that is big stitch quilted - really cute.  This would be a fun project to do with kids.

Eleanor also made a small seminole pieced quilt.  I just signed up for a seminole piecing class coming up in September.  It is something that has always fascinated me!

Annie is back at her back-basting hand appliqué.  She amazes me with all that she gets done at age 86!

Annie invited a new friend, Kathy, to the group and she brought some show and tell also.  Both of these quilts belong to her .  She calls herself a beginner, but....  These are pretty amazing beginner quilts!

This quilt below she referred to as a "blanket" and someone asked her why.  The reason is that it has no batting.  It is just the pieced top and a flannel backing.  It makes for a really nice, lightweight cover!  Sometimes I really want something light (especially in my hot flash moments) so I think I am going to have to make myself a "blanket"!

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