Thursday, June 18, 2015

More Amazing Quilts from HMQS

Reminiscent of Mom
by Donna Estes won a ribbon, but I can't tell from the picture what it was for....

Geometric Transparency by Cheryl Isbell
quilted by Connie Keller.
Teacher's Choice ribbon winner.

Tumbling Triangles:  When M.C. Escher met Fibonacci
by Ruth Ann Thompson

Bates Wilson by Marian Eason won an Honorable Mention ribbon.  I took a picture of this quilt because it looks like my friend Vivian's husband who raises cattle in his "spare" time.

Reflections by Kathy McNeil won 2nd place Appliqué.

Mistresses by Diane Johnston and quilted by Cory Allender won 3rd Place Appliqué and Judge's Choice ribbons.

I love these Baltimore Album style quilts with ships!  I've seen a couple before and just really like them.  The workmanship on this one is outstanding.

The Paisley Peacock by Bethanie Nemesh won First Place in the Whole Cloth category.

Whole cloth quilts are not usually my thing - probably because I am not a master machine quilter!  But this one took my breath away.  I love the teal color that sets off the quilting design beautifully.  Check out the edging finish which you can see a little better in the picture below.

Ah!  Gives me something to aspire to.  I'm ready to go to work in my tidy sewing room :)

The scalloped edges were all individually made....

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