Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Stop and Smell the Roses

We have beautiful roses in bloom in our front yard!  They are huge and absolutely gorgeous.  And, when I was bending in close to try to get these photos, the SMELL is divine....
If I had more time I would stand out there and smell them all day long.....  It would be fun to try to make a rose art quilt - but it wouldn't definitely have to be scratch and sniff!

Just for kicks I thought I would share my new favorite dental floss.  My dental hygienist gave me this several months and I just threw it in my travel bag.  I finally got around to using some this weekend and I LOVE it!  It not only slides between your teeth easily and painlessly, it TASTES good too!  I promptly went to the store and bought more.

So, this dental floss comes highly recommended to you by the mother of a dentist.  That counts, right??

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