Wednesday, June 3, 2015

These Roses are Amazing!

I just cannot get over how beautiful and amazing these roses are, AND how good they smell!  So, I had to share a few more pictures of my favorites.  I would love to make an art quilt of this one.  I am not sure I am that talented, but I'd love to give it a try.

Look at the vibrant colors!

I love how these are yellow in the center and pink on the edges.

The gardening credit at our house goes to my hubby.  I pick a few weeds every now and then, but he's the master!

Today I got to spend a lovely afternoon outdoors with my Little Bits (miniature quilt group) friends.  We had a luncheon at Leota's home for all of the people having summer birthdays.  I just can't picture a setting more gorgeous than this.  The food was delicious too and as always the company was delightful!

(My daughter will be jealous because Leota made homemade German Chocolate cake :)

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  1. I am jealous!!!!

    You should definitely make a rose art quilt!