Saturday, July 25, 2015

Eager "Helpers"

My friend Leota came over the other day because she needed a little bit of help squaring up her quilt.  After she showed me these pictures of her attempts to square it up at home I realized she has all kinds of help!  Maybe a little more than she needs, but eager helpers all the same :)

Snoopy here looks like he's settling in a for a long winter's nap.

Clyde looks quite comfortable as well!

This is my favorite picture because Tetsu here really does look like he's ready to be a helper.  So cute!  I love hearing "quilting with pets" stories - they are always so entertaining.  I have one "quilting with baby" story.  When my youngest was a baby he crawled under my sewing machine while I was piecing and sat on the presser foot - I've never sewed so fast in my life!

Back to my sewing room to practice on that new machine!!