Monday, July 20, 2015

Joann Webb

Joann Webb from Missouri has at least four quilts displayed in the Brigham City Museum.  I didn't take pictures of ALL the quilts hung there but these four are hers.

Bird Plate Collection

Hand appliquéd and hand quilted.  Absolutely AMAZING detail and beautiful work.  I'm so impressed.  It looks like needle turned appliqué, I'm just wondering what method she uses.

Look at the three dimensional flowers on this block.

Not So Far East

At first I thought this one had some machine quilting, but no - it's all hand quilted.  She used glue and glitter to enhance some of the quilting lines.

Glass cabochons for water droplets.

Morning Glory Madness

This quilt makes me want to get started on my Baltimore Album quilt.  The one I'm going to design.  The one I've been planning for years, but haven't started yet.  Oh yeah, I need to finish Dear Jane first!

Absolutly beautiful.  What an artist!

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