Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Quilter's Spouses are the Best

I bet you can't guess whose birthday it is today! :)

I'm sharing a couple of things I've read on the internet recently.  The first is a funny speech on quilting written by the husband of a quilter.  I think quilters' spouses are the best.  I find them to be very supportive of this fun quilting adventure that brings joy to their loved ones.  You can read his speech at:
I read this on Ami Simms newsletter which you can find here:

Do you ever put pins in your mouth?  I do ALL the time!  I won't now, after reading this woman's story:

So, no more pins in your mouth!  Appreciate your spouse!  And have a GREAT day!!
P.S.  (My husband is the best quilter spouse ever :)

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