Sunday, August 23, 2015

Gotta Love a Quilt Show!

You have to love a quilt show for inspiration!  Going to a quilt show just makes me want to go home and create something!

"Sunday Ride" was a favorite quilt of my family's from my August 20th post.  We will see what the favorite quilt is today.

Following are more pictures from the Springville Quilt Show.  I like these signs they had hanging, they explain quilts and quilting to those visiting who may not be quilters.

Dresden of the Sea by Diane E. Miller
quilted by Carol Rossen

Received a Judge's Choice Award

My Grandma's Garden by Michele Louise Knight
quilted by Karen Morgan

Peacocks by Marilyn Landry Toone
quilted by Uarda James

Marilyn completed the quilt top before she passed away a year ago and her good friend Uarda James "was called on to complete the quilt with her machine quilting skills."

Received the Director's Award

I took a class from Marilyn a few years ago at the Utah Quilt Fest and was sad to hear she had passed away.  As you can tell she was an amazing quilter and artist.  I love the way Uarda quilted it too - amazing.

Star Light, Star Bright
Made and quilted by Nanette Leigh Sturgill

Glittering Fans
made and quilted by Laurel Christensen

Tree of Life
made and quilted by Kira Holladay

Flight of Pegasus by Diane Miller
quilted by Ruth Davis

This quilt was paper pieced!

South African Silhouette
made and quilted by Anne Munoz

Received an Award of Excellence

I LOVE this quilt, partly because of the colors, and because it would look awesome hanging in our bedroom :)

I also took an art quilt class from Anne several years ago at Quilt Fest.  I have a long way to go....

This is definitely one to see in person :)
What is your favorite today??

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