Saturday, September 12, 2015

And the Winners Are....

From left to right, the winners of the  CO West Quilt Guild's baby quilt challenge are:
Mary, with Saggy, Baggy Elephant
Gini, with the Nursery Rhymes embroidered quilt
and Betty, with A Home for Hermit Crab!  Congratulations to them all!
I think Betty was actually 1st place, Gini 2nd and Mary 3rd but I just mentioned them from left to right.  Great job by everyone who participated!

Here are a few show and tell items from the evening.  Judy showed this beautiful quilt that she made which was hand quilted by her and her Thursday Quilter's group.  They do beautiful work.

Edith made a Broncos quilt just in time for football season!

I am blanking on who made this beautiful quilt.  I am to the point in my life where I need to write everything down I guess!  I love the colors!

These last two were made by Gini and she is apparently selling them at the guild's quilt raffle venues!

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