Friday, September 18, 2015

Another Day at Quilt Camp!

Yesterday I was in classes from 8:30 AM until 10:00 PM! Here it is 8:30 AM again and I'm back in class and ready for the day! I do have the afternoon free today and then one more class tonight before heading home to my hubby tomorrow :) I'll write more about my wonderful classes later, but for today I thought I'd share a couple of other fun things.
Each day we go into the main room for lunch and a lecture from one of the national teachers. We have a cute little "campfire" at each table.
We have the opportunity to earn merit badges! One can earn them by being a teacher's assistant, by spending more than $50 in the vendor mall (I earned both of those :), doing service for someone or volunteering in another way, etc. etc. You can even buy the ones you think are super cute. After you earn five merit badges, your name is entered in a drawing for a new sewing machine. For every badge you earn (or buy) after that, your name is entered again. (This necklace belongs to a lady that was sitting at my table Wednesday, she let me take a picture of it because at that time I only had one badge - the badge just for showing up - and hers looked way cooler :)
We even have a "merit badge counselor" who, every day at lunch, hands out the "Sunny Service" and "Most Marvelous" badges. We also get these beads for attending classes and luncheons etc. Yesterday our merit badge counselor said that before she left her hotel room she put all her vitamins in her pocket to take with breakfast. Later she pulled them all out, put them in her mouth and swallowed them all, with water. She said shortly after she realized that one of her pills was actually an orange bead..... She said she needed another one, because she wasn't going to look for that one :)
Here is our camp song that they taught us the first night. It's called "Camp Quilting" sung to the tune of Camp Grenada:
Hello Teachers, Hello Quilt Friends
We are wishing, camp will not end
Camp is far from, being boring
And they say we'll have more fun with fabric hoarding

We are here at, this year's quilt camp
Sewing with the, brand new Ott lamp
With the teacher, Marsha McCloskey
Doing feather stars we are so very happy

Cynthia England, loves those landscapes
Picture piecing, keep those seams straight
And Karen Kay, that's Ms. Buckley
Perfect circle appliqué if we are lucky

Lisa Bongean, Primitive Gatherings
She will teach some, of her wool things
Gosh our head hurt, oh can't you see
Oh deciding on which classes was not easy

Quiltfest Quilt Camp, it is really here
Time to stand up, and give a cheer
Many memories, to remember
As we laugh and quilt all this week in September

Camp Cheer:
Stitch the seam
Pick it apart
Do it again
Yeah, Quilt Camp!

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