Monday, September 7, 2015

Exploring Denver by Bike

Mike and I went on a bike ride along the South Platte River in Downtown Denver while there on Friday.  We discovered some wonderful art along the way - or some of it may have been graffiti but it looked like art to me!

I really liked this bridge - very unique....

The bike paths throughout downtown Denver are wonderful and we would never have seen all this art from the car.

Whoever painted these painted reflections in the glasses of what they might be seeing - someone jogging along the path, paddle boarding in the river, or bicycling (below) like us!  We did see a couple of people fishing in the river, which seemed kind of funny - right in downtown Denver.

There was an awesome skate park too - it was fun to watch the skaters doing their tricks.

Fun weekend and great to see family!  Now back to laboring on Labor Day.  Hope you enjoy your day!

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