Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Odds and Ends

I went to a lecture at Quilt Fest called "Off the Path" which was the best most inspiring class I took there.  I will make a complete post on that soon!  The lecturer recommended this book for inspiration and I have to say it is AMAZING.  500 incredible quilts that are sure to inspire your own creations.  I ordered mine on Amazon.

This is the Adjustable Square ruler I bought from Karen Kay Buckley.  It is adjustable and perfect for squaring up appliqué or wool appliqué blocks.  I always cut my backgrounds larger in case the appliqué pulls up a bit, so I can square them up perfectly later.  This ruler will help with that process.

Here is a video of Karen demonstrating this ruler:

From the vendor mall I bought the 8 inch Curvy Log Cabin Trim Tool.  I have a quilt in mind for this, for OUR bed finally!  Surprisingly we do not have a quilt on our bed.  Probably because it's King sized and I have yet to make a King sized quilt.  But with the new quilting machine, I'm game, and this ruler will get me started.
Have you ever bought a tool though, because you saw a cool demo, then put it on your shelf and forgot how to use it?  Well, look at the QR code at the bottom right of this package.  Use the QR reader on your phone and it will take you right to a video demonstrating how to use this ruler!

We decided to try the daylight bulbs, suggested by Karen Kay Buckley in the class I took from her, in my sewing room and what a HUGE difference!  Now my sewing room is as bright as day any time day or night and the fabric colors read true and are not yellow tinged as with some bulbs.  These are expensive but are supposed to last a long time.  I'll let you know.  So far - loving them!
I cannot find the price on the package but I believe my husband said they were about $15 per bulb.  The package says they have an 82% less energy consumption and the estimated yearly cost per bulb, based on three hours a day of use, is $2.17.
Do you use Frixion Pens??  Megan Legas, the hand quilting teacher told a horror story of a woman who submitted a quilt to a show and during the shipping of the quilt it got cold enough to bring back all the markings, so when it arrived at the show, all the Frixion pen markings were back!

Recently The Quilt Show blog posted a link to this blog:


Jenny K. Lyon, the writer, went right to the manufacturer of the pens for the information she shares.  Definitely worth reading!!

I hope you get to quilt today!

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