Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Seminole Piecing

One of the classes I took at Quilt Fest was from Jan Lowe on Seminole Piecing.
This type of patchwork originates in South Florida with the Seminole Indians. Toward the latter part of the 1800's traders began supplying non-electric treadle sewing machines to the Seminole, and Seminole women began making intricately patterned fabric strips to decorate clothing.  I am not sure how seminole patchwork made it into the quilting world but you can see the beautiful results!
This quilt was made by the teacher.

The class was really fun!  It was interesting to see what fabrics people brought and how they ended up turning out.  Jan brought several patterns, taught us some basic techniques and then let us go for it.  Here is my first attempt.

Another quilt made by Jan.  You can also use Seminole Piecing to do some fantastic borders on traditional quilts, or modern quilts for that matter!

Here is my first attempt bordered by brown narrow strips.

Jan hung several samples up on the wall and as we finished a piece we would hang them on the wall too.  Following are several examples either from Jan or other class members.

This one is designed to look like a mountain range.  With different color choices you could make a landscape quilt with this technique.

Nice looking wall!!

Pictured above are my first and second attempts, hanging on the wall.
The day after class I had some time to finish up three designs and here (on the right) is how they turned out.  FUN class!  I really want to try more of this technique.  I am thinking of making a bag out of my samples - what do you think?

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