Friday, September 4, 2015

The Rest of the Springville Pictures

Mariner's Compass by Michelle Bearnson, quilted by Virginia Gore

Yoshi, the Deer With Glasses by Kaye Evans, quilted by Sue McCarty (a basket quilt pattern from Australia) She said while completing the quilt she was watching the Winter Olympics and heard the name Yoshi, hence the title of the quilt. I'm still looking for the deer with glasses....

Celtic Stone made and quilted by Nanette Sturgill, received a Judge's Choice Award

Sheltering on the Forest Floor made and quilted by Florence Evans

Peacock Mandala made and quilted by Marie Harrison Nelson, received an Award of Excellence

He Is Not Here by Rebecca Q. Barlow, quilted by Natalia Bonner

Jungle Fever by Elizabeth Nesbit, quilted by Melanie Oldroyd

And just a fun contraption on exhibit at the museum! Have a fun day!

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