Friday, October 23, 2015

For All the Knitters Out There

OK, this first picture isn't knitting but I had to show the cute crocheted pumpkin hat my daughter made for her daughter!

My daughter has several colleagues who are knitters and she has received some fabulous gifts!  This baby afghan is made from Alpaca yarn bought in Peru.  It's the softest afghan I've ever felt - and I love the colors!

This isn't knitted either but one of Megan's friends made these adorable little shoes!

A knitted hat, also from Alpaca.

And this amazing knitted dress is made with wool yarn!  It's also very soft.  You can't tell too well in the picture, but it's a beautiful lavender.  I love the design.  These women are obviously VERY talented!  These gifts are much cherished and appreciated :)

I'm sort of tempted to take up knitting, but I should probably just try to get better at quilting....

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  1. Oh my word! Audrey is so stylin' with all of these pretty gifts!!