Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wool Gatherer's Club

I am off to Wool Gatherer's this afternoon at Hi Fashion but I thought I would post some more pictures from the Quilt Fest quilt show before I go!

Dakota Sunset
made and quilted by Marian Murdock
Best Use of Color Award and National Teacher's Choice Award

Poppies and Planets
made and quilted by Kathleen Souba

Bare Watching
made and quilted by Sharon Aposhian Wright

Her artist's statement is funny:
"I made this quilt for the Utah Valley Quilt Guild themed challenge 'I Looked Out the Window.' My husband's daily ritual is to climb out of the bathtub, rest his arms on the windowsill to watch what creatures will be wandering through our backyard.  I created this scene by drawing the animals (50 total) and then hiding them throughout our backyard forest. My husband insisted that I add the towel....and sew it down."

Glittering Fans
made and quilted by Laurel Christensen

Spinning Rainbow Pinwheels
made and quilted by Ruth Davis

Fire Island Hosta
made and quilted by Wade Wardrop

Creative border quilting!!


  1. Thanks for sharing my "Spinning Rainbow Pinwheels" quilt... I should have thought up a snazzier name for it! LOL! There was so much eye candy there! I always love a good quilt show!

  2. I love your quilt! I'm so glad you put it in the show so we could all enjoy it!