Friday, November 6, 2015

Speaking of Wool

Yesterday I attended Wool Gatherer's at Hi Fashion and worked on my little wool blocks.  Pictured here is one more that I finished.  I actually watched a lot of Dancing With the Stars while stitching all of those colonial knots on the butterfly wings!

Wool Gatherer's is a small, but fun group of friends.  (I hear the night group is much larger, but I really enjoy our small daytime group.) I always leave more relaxed, less stressed and uplifted by friendship.

Becky is working on this table topper of cute houses!  It looks like a little neighborhood in the mountains.  Her work is so inspiring.  I can hardly wait to see this finished.  I think making some project with little houses on it is in my future.  I am drawn to them for some reason.  Maybe because they represent a cozy home :)

Lorraine and friends made this wonderful snowman quilt on display at Hi Fashion featuring the new fabric line by Primitive Gatherings I love this fabric and really love this snowman quilt!  It makes me think of winter though and I'm not quite sure I'm ready for that yet!

Have a warm day in your cozy house and don't go out without your wooly mittens!

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