Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Holiday Quilt Show and Auction

Every other year the Intermountain Research and Medical Foundation in Salt Lake City sponsors the Holiday Quilt Show and Auction to raise money for medical research and equipment.  I attended the show once several years ago and it was amazing.

This year my sister-in-law attended the dinner and live auction.  For our Christmas gift this year she gave us this wonderful little table topper and the lantern centerpiece pictured below.
These were centerpieces at the tables, available for purchase after the event.  All of the little table toppers were hand quilted!
What is even more amazing is that every quilt in the show/auction is hand quilted!
"There are 85 quilts this year - a record number.  Each quilt has been hand pieced and hand-quilted, making it impossible to calculate the thousands of hours spent on this years' gallery of quilts.  Each stitch, each block, each quilt is a magical work of love, labor and art."
Jodi A. Cheney
Holiday Quilt Show and Auction, Chair
Another quote from Jodi:
"My heartfelt thanks goes to all who have made this night possible.  I work with the most amazing people, all so willing to give of their valuable time and abundant talents.  Their love of quilting and giving to the community are a vital part of what we do.
The word "change" may best describe the last two years for our group.  After 30 years at the Colonial House we moved to a new location (the LDS Hospital Auditorium), adopted a new name, (the Colonial Quilters), and are excited to have a cause of our own.  We remain a group of dedicated women united by one common purpose: to create beautiful quilts that will assist in the advancement of medical research."

And beautiful quilts they are.  If you're in the Salt Lake City area in November of 2017, put this Holiday Quilt Show at the top of your to-do list!

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