Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Baby Blessing!

Last weekend we went to my daughter's for her baby's blessing.  This picture is of my mother holding Megan when she got blessed many years ago!  My mother made this beautiful blessing gown for Megan.

Here is Megan's baby wearing the same beautiful blessing gown made by my Mom.  What a treasure!  The workmanship in this gown is amazing.  My Mom is such a talented seamstress.  Unfortunately arthritis has taken over her hands in her later years and creating beautiful heirlooms such as this is much harder for her these days.  That is why we treasure all the beautiful things she has made for us over the years!

And speaking of treasures - my dentist son made this hand casting of our granddaughter's little fist!

It took a lot of adults and a Wubanub to accomplish this feat but now we have this cute little hand to remind us always of how sweet her little hands are at this age :)

Fun family times!!

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