Friday, January 29, 2016

Happy Birthday Jessie!!

OK, so I'm a day late - I don't know what I was thinking!  Yesterday, this beautiful girl who happens to be married to my lucky son had a birthday!  I hope she had a fantastic day! She said she didn't know what Jeff had planned and I haven't heard what they did but I'm sure it was fun :)

Jeff said last weekend they went to a museum that had a bunch of "old" toys on display.  It sounds like they had a great time looking at all of the "old" toys because they were toys that they used to play with as kids!  He said, "Yes, the toys I used to play with are now in a museum...." All I can say to that is, "Join the club!"

Now, upstairs I go to work on some Dear Jane blocks!


  1. Thank you!! It ended up being a great night!! We went to one of those sushi places where the sushi is going around on a belt and ate SO MUCH SUSHI!! Then we went to an observatory and looked at the Orion Nebula through the big telescope!! It was fun because I had told Jeff that the constellation Orion had been my favorite since I was little because it's always out around my birthday :) It was really beautiful!! And then I got to open the presents!! Thank you for the Beaty and the Beast tickets!! We're so excited!!

  2. Sounds like an awesome birthday celebration!!

  3. Sounds like it was a perfect birthday!