Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Day!

Once every four years we get a day like today!  When I was in sixth grade our teacher celebrated his 12th birthday - we all thought it was funny that he only had as many birthdays as the students in his class.

Here is a sneak peak at Dear Jane!  I started sewing sashing strips on one side of each block on Saturday.  I pinned them all up on my design wall (not the triangles yet) in the order they appear in the Jane's quilt.  You can kind of see the Trip Around the World design going on with the colors.  Maybe it will show up better when all the sashing is sewn in.  You can definitely see the pinks - they stand out even more than the red.  Two of the blocks I had sewn the "wrong" color so they had to be moved to a different place.  That was planned for, but after pinning them all up, there were two that I just didn't like next to each other so I moved one - can you see which one??


  1. Your dear Jane quilt looks really cool! You should feel proud!:)