Sunday, February 28, 2016

Quilter in Training

OK, you talked me into it.... More grand baby photos!

Megan says she loves fabric!  Yeah!  Besides looking at it and touching it she also like to eat it!  We'll work on that :)

She is learning quilt appreciation at an early age!  You're never too young to learn to love quilts....

She also loves books!  A girl after my own heart.

And she's just downright adorable, like her mother :)

She really concentrates on sleeping - sometimes I feel like that!
And she loves to watch American Idol and sing along.  She definitely gets her singing abilities from her Mom and Dad and her other grandparents.  She has lots and lots of people who love her!!


  1. Ahhhhhh. (Can I say that about my own baby? 😍)

  2. Lots of adorable love all around!