Wednesday, March 2, 2016


I decided to put cornerstones in my Dear Jane quilt to help with the construction.  It's easier to line the blocks up with cornerstones.  I originally wanted to use this brown Liberty Homestead fabric for the cornerstones (pictured at right).  I'm using Winter Wheat Liberty Homestead hand dyed sueded cotton for the sashing.  However my husband thought having all of those 1/2 inch little brown squares sprinkled throughout the quilt might be a little distracting from the blocks themselves.  So I decided to use the Straw Liberty Homestead fabric instead, which is just one shade darker than the Winter Wheat.
As you can see, they barely show up at all, but they are not distracting and the overall effect is much more like Jane Stickle's quilt of 1863.

I am having so much fun assembling the blocks.  I emailed a friend who started DJ the same time I did and who keeps better records than me and she said we started them in 2008.  That means some of these blocks I haven't seen for eight years!  It's kind of like opening a Christmas present each time I pull one out of the box.   I'm getting very excited to get it all put together :)

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