Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Happy Songs

We are having a Happy Songs contest in our family that has been really fun.  We each submitted (anonymously) the names of three songs that make us happy.  My daughter then compiled a spreadsheet with all the songs and links to YouTube so we could listen to them all and guess who picked each one.  My husband and I had a great time Sunday evening trying to guess who chose which song.  After we submitted our guesses, we compared notes and had guessed 15 out of 27 the same.  I'm looking forward to getting the results this weekend to see how we really did.  What has been extra fun though is this morning I heard two of the songs on the radio and I thought "this song makes someone in my family very happy!" I paid closer attention to the lyrics and thought happy thoughts of my family :)

The quilt above is:
Made and quilted by Sonia Sanderson and was shown at the Sunset Slope quilt show this past weekend.  The following quilts were also in the show.

The quilt to the left is: My Wild Irish Rose made and quilted by Jackie Aguilar

Hampstead Ridge #1
Made by Sheila Symanski and quilted by Linda Smith

This quilt was a simple patchwork with squares but I admired the quilting :)  I'm always looking for new all over or filler quilting ideas.

Border Challenge Quilt
made and quilted by Jewell Buck

I like the quilt and am curious to know what the "challenge" was!

Have a great day and I hope you get to listen to some songs that make you happy!

(The two happy songs I heard this morning were Man in the Mirror, Michael Jackson, and Die a Happy Man, Thomas Rhett.  So if my family is reading this they will know if I was listening to their happy song or not :)

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