Friday, March 11, 2016

Pieced Backs

In class yesterday, Sharon talked about pieced backs.  She pieces almost all of her quilt backs in order to use up scraps of fabric from the top and not let any go to waste.  Rather than just piecing squares together she has developed this "zipper technique" which makes the pieces flow together better and gives the backs more interest.  She pieces together two inch by four inch strips of each of the colors of fabrics she's joining so when you sew them together it looks kind of like the fabrics are "zippered" together.  I really like this idea and plan to try it!  Another great tip learned in a great class.

Left is the top of the quilt - Below is her planned pieced back using fabrics from the top.

She also pieces strips such as the one on the left, to use up scraps of fabric and to add interest to the quilt back. Pieced backs will work well if you are machine quilting, but the hand quilters in the class warned that they would make for difficult hand quilting.

Soon you will be seeing a pieced back from me - but not on my Dear Jane quilt :)

I went to the quilt show today at Lincoln Park Barn!  Very nice!  Pictures forthcoming :)

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