Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sharon Wright

I mentioned that last Fall I took a couple of classes from Sharon Wright at Utah Quilt Guild's Quilt Fest and she was invited to come speak and teach to CO West Quilt Guild here in town.
She presented her lecture last night, Off the Path, and once again it was SO good and very inspiring.  I think all who went enjoyed it very much.  She gave us a LOT of ideas on how to venture off the path, or off the pattern and make our quilts even more amazing.

Today she taught a workshop, which was equally fun and informative!  We made some basic quilt blocks to begin with and then she taught us some ways to be creative with design, assembly, borders, bindings, even the backing!  She also taught us how to design our own appliqué!  She is a wealth of information and I learned so much. I think everyone who took the class felt the same way :)

Here is one of my quilt blocks.  Sharon brought her friend Donna and they were pressing angels, and even did some seam ripping!  I kept cranking out blocks and they would magically get pressed and put back on my table!  I am very excited to start laying out this quilt and thinking of some design possibilities.

These are Nicky's blocks.  Sharon used hers to explain to us how to lay out the blocks so the cornerstones connect the right way.  Her quilt is going to be cute.  I really can't wait to see how they all turn out.  I saw some BEAUTIFUL fabrics being used today.....

This quilt is Sharon's and I think color-wise this is what mine will be like.  Fun class, fun day, wonderful friends and a great teacher!!

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  1. I loved this class and learned a lot. Some things I thought I knew- turned out I didn't know...Sharon was a wealth of knowledge and self taught. She was generous to a fault as many found out last night with her gifts!