Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Seamstress in Training

On The Inbox Jaunt blog recently, there was some discussion about whether to say "Sewer" or Sewist", words which also have other meanings..... versus "Seamstress".  I've settled on seamstress, since the other meaning to sewer is not as pleasant!

So here our seamstress in training is picking out fabric for a new dress.  She seams to have settled on this beautiful piece.

She is getting familiar with the tape measure as she helps her Mommy.  I told Mommy that now is a good time to sew.  Once she starts crawling, she will learn to make that foot pedal really GO!

And Voila!  Mommy made a beautiful dress.  I can hardly wait to see her in her new dress, and how fun for my daughter to create something beautiful for her daughter.  Creativity is very satisfying :)

I hope you have a fun, creative day!

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