Friday, April 1, 2016


My husband got me TWICE today for April Fool's Day.  I didn't get anyone, not even once!

First of all, I got in my car and started it up this morning and everything came on - the windshield wipers, the turn signal, everything all at once - freaked me out!
Then I got on my work computer and the mouse wouldn't work!  I thought the computer was frozen and luckily he was home so I told him "look, my computer isn't working!"  He told me to turn the mouse over and this note was stuck to the bottom, blocking the little laser light thingy that makes it work....

(This is no joke though - I did finish another little Brazilian embroidery block!)

And of course I fell for The Quilt Show's April Fool's joke ... again!  You would think I'd learn.  To check it out go to:

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