Monday, April 11, 2016


It has been a busy week for our family.  My father-in-law passed away so we've enjoyed some family time as we celebrated his 89 years of living and the great husband and father that he was. We will cherish the many happy memories of his life!

I promised some pictures from our Little Bits get together last week.  Kathy shared this old quilt top that she recently found among family "stuff".  She is trying to decide how to finish it!
As I mentioned before we took a "walk down memory lane" as we shared projects that we worked on together from the past.  One of these projects was our little houses.  We made enough two inch house blocks for everyone and traded them.  We each had to use the blue and black check fabric somewhere in our two inch block.  Then we could put them together in a miniature quilt in whatever setting we chose.  They all turned out great.  June's is very cleverly put together in the shape of a little house, complete with a white picket fence.

We have made quick, easy table runners.  I love this one of Sherida's.  Don't you just love the fabric she used?

Another project was our miniature row by row quilts.  We did not trade any blocks for these, just used a common garden theme, shared some patterns and made them however we chose to.  Look at the teeny tiny hummingbirds on Sherida's (below).
What a fun group and what lovely friends.  We've been together as a group now for over 15 years!

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